Things to look for in a wheelchair minivan

The people bound to the wheelchair already have a life that is more challenging than the regular population. If they are not provided with the right means of transportation the life would become more difficult. Whether or not one is disabled no one likes to be dependent on others for small things like being able to move from one place to anther this is the reason that wheelchair minivans from are the perfect vehicles for the independent natured wheelchair bound people.

Should be ADA approved

The first thing to look for in a minivan for wheelchair is whether or not it is ADA approved. The ADA approved vehicles have all the facilities as well accessories that will help the disabled person to have a safe and comfortable ride each time they take this minivan for going from one place to another.

imed mobility

You will find two types of minivans in the market such as

  • The side access minivans
  • The rear access minivans

Why side access vans?

Most of the time the side access minivans are preferred by the people bound to wheelchair because of many reasons such as

You can remove both the seats in the front. This allows the wheelchair bound person to get in or get out of the van without having to disembark the wheelchair. Even if the front seats are not removable there is enough space for the wheelchair in the center of the van for the wheelchair to get secured while riding as a passenger. With side access vans you can even have two wheelchairs placed side by side while still allowing space for others to sit on a bench placed on the sides of the van. However, it is important that the vehicle has seatbelts for all the passengers and one or two auxiliary ones for securing the person on the wheelchair.