The dark side of kratom

It can be the bad fortune for the well wishers of Kratom users for the accusations made over the herb are much more serious than compared to any other claim. The allegations are not only about the side effects caused by the regular consumption of the herb, but it also disregards the consumption of the herb for the reason it may contain drug compounds inside the same.

The drug elements

It is reported with the evidences coming from the scientific researches that Kratom leaves contain elements and can be used as a drug substitute whenever required. The drug elements contained inside the Kratom leaves cannot be detected by a mere test, but it requires something very special in the techniques for detecting the Kratom drug elements. This has been the reason why it has been banned in most countries for usage. The native country of Thailand itself bans the usage of the herb for the people due to the drug elements present inside the same. However if this is true, then it dearly defies the regular consumption of herb leaves on a daily basis for the treatment of chronic joint pains and other muscular pains.


The side effects

Another allegation over the herbal plant lies with the usage of the plant. When consumed it is believed to have negative impacts over the user rather than having positive health impacts. The side effects are in the form of diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and constipation with the users. The heart problems and the blood pressure issues also start surrounding the user, therefore it is disregarded as a herbal plant.

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