Living Daily – Veggies and Fruits: Just give a try

Powerhouse Vegetables & Fruits you should give a try

We have all been advised time after time “eat your veggies!” At one stage in everyone’s life, we realize how important veggies and fruits are in human living daily. Indeed, everyone must know how they should consume the veggies. Rather than, just insisting the need to eat more veggies and fruits, we need to understand the right amount of food we eat every day. It depends on varied elements such as age factor, sex (male/female) and physical activities. Generally these attributes decide how many servings of vegetables and fruits, should be on our daily can visit

Nutritious Powerhouse Veggies You should eat

  • Beetroots – Kind of root vegetable

Beets are filled with numerous health benefits. These red beauty helps us to reduce blood pressure, immunity against diseases and stimulate energy and also provides a healthy nervous system. Acts as a vitalizing agent which helps to reduce risk of cancer and detoxify our body to kill cancer cells.


  • Onion – people with sensitive stomachs

From the allium family, onion well-known for its anti-oxidant properties. It lowers the risk of several types of cancers particularly gastric cancer. Since it has high concentration of Sulphur, it has an appealing effect for hair growth and glowing skin.

  • Spinach – Good in nutrition

Spinach is packed with lot of nutrients. It is a super food without fat and cholesterol but rich in vitamin and minerals. It plays a vital role in lowering glucose levels, helps in blood clot, strengthening of bones which improves greater bone density and provides as an immune to several diseases.

  • Pome, Citrus, Stone and Tropical Fruits

Fruits contribute to numerous nutrition supplements to our body system and also enhances the color in our living daily. Evidences shown that minerals and vitamins from fruits helps to fight against cancer, hormonal imbalance, reducing obesity and the list goes longer.

It is evident from various research that a good consumption of fruit and vegetables embrace excellent health benefits. We should immensely make an effort to increase their intake in our diet plan.