What is Q48

https://sementedechia.info/q48/ informs the readers about how they can get the body they always desired and that too without spending hours on end at the gym or even slogging away at exercising every single day.

https://sementedechia.info/q48/ has a method called Q48 and this is known to burn nine times the fat than any other kind of exercise. Infact it is one of the most celebrated workouts.

What is Q48

Q48 is a form of exercise where visible results are seen in days. It only requires thrice a week 15 mins a day for you to practice. It also does not need equipment nor does it require you to hire a personal trainer.

high intensity programs

The advantage of Q48 is that as per sementedechia.info/q48/ the results are seen in 8 weeks what other programs give in a full year by joining a gym.

How is Q48 better

Q48 is better as aerobic workouts do not effectively eliminate fat. Infact instead of spending hours on treadmills or bikes, you can achieve the same in around 20 minutes. This training is the best as it is High Intensity Interval training where there are rest periods interspersed with intense workouts. In this the durations of the workouts are more intense and for shorter periods of time. During this, the heart rate is raised and so the fat burning continues even after the training has stopped. This is called as afterburn.

When a person does Q48, even when they are asleep, the fat burning continues. This training has another benefit. It’s sessions are just for 15 minutes or less and so the individual has more time for other things to do as well as he or she can still manage to squeeze in 15 minutes however busy their day may be, and thus not miss working out and thus staying on the program.