How can Diet Detox Help in Weight Loss? has been mentioning a lot about the benefits of a Detoxification Diet (DD) but it is very important to understand the diet and its effects on weight loss. DD is aimed at detoxifying the body, providing help in loss of weight, retaining liquid in the body and eliminating the impurities. To meet these targets, it takes the help of natural foods and tries to cut down on processed foods like alcohol, gluten, preservatives, sugar, dairy products, etc. The aim of detoxification is to clear the gut of any impurities in addition to bolstering the liver and kidney. There are many types of DD protocol and hence we will discuss a type of DD protocol and the types of food that should be consumed during the protocol.

  • Diet Detox ( available in 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 days) – This is a very popular types of protocol plan and is a preferred way for weight loss and fitness, though the 3 day plan does not help to lose weight. It only aims to maintain a good healthy body because in 3 days, much of the liquid that was concentrated in the body goes away. Fluid retention and swelling elimination can be definitely expected. The DD of 5 days can help to lose a kilo of weight apart from cleaning the skin and all related benefits. In addition to all other benefits, the DD of 10 days can help to lose about 3 pounds whereas the DD of 15 days can help in losing 6 pounds.
  • DD Foods that are encouraged – During the protocol, the following types of food are generally encouraged. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains (oat, rice, etc.), eggs, fish, tea, chia, sea salt, ginger, lemon, apple vinegar and unrefined vegetable oils like olive oil, coconut oil, etc. can be easily expected to be consumed as all these types of foodstuffs help in the detoxification plan.

Therefore, DD is also getting popular among a section of people interested in losing weight.