The Man Responsible For Shaping the US-Iran Relationships

The Foundation for Defence of Democracies or FDD is one of the research institutes located in USA. FDD was founded to focus on US’s various policies on national security and foreign relations. Mark Dubowitz is the Chief Executive officer or CEO of said foundation and mainly helms the US’s relations with Iran. Dubowitz deals with sanctions against Iran and its controls on possession of nuclear weapons.

Beginnings and career of Dubowitz:

Born in South Africa, Mark Dubowitz was raised in Toronto and subsequently settled in the States. Dubowitz attended the Johns Hopkins University and completed his Master’s degree in international studies. He also has a law and MBA degree from the University of Toronto. Initially, before he joined the FDD, Dubowitz worked in various fields like technology management, law and venture capital.

Mark Dubowitz

Currently residing in Washington D.C., Dubowitz has been an active advisor to administrations under Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies. He is a lecturer at the Munk School of Global Affairs at University of Toronto. Here he teaches about sanctions, international relations and Iranian nuclear programmes. Apart from being a teacher Mark also wrote for prestigious newspapers like the Washington Post, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Slate etc. He is also a television personality with appearances in multiple channels like BBC, CNN, and Fox News etc.

Dubowitz’s political agenda:

Apart from being CEO of the FDD, Mark Dubowitz has written and co-written almost fifteen papers on economic sanction for Iran. During the Obama administration, he actively opposed USA’s nuclear diplomacy with Iran. During this time he was asked to testify over twenty times before the US Congress and other foreign legislatures. Presently, he is an advisor to the Trump administration. His key area includes Iran’s cyber, nuclear and terrorist threats to US and ways of preventing them.

He is identified as one of the people who have principle impact on shaping the policies to battle threat against the US from Iran and its allies.