How to make your curls last longer?

Everyone wants to have to those flawless curls. But lot of people face the problem that it doesn’t lasts longer. Most important item to get one is the curler. To know about bets of the curlers you need to refer to which can help you make the choices. Using an efficient curler is the first step to get long lasting curls. Other than that here are some of the other tips to get the effect:

  1. Cool your curls: The most important tip is to cool your curl before letting it free. When you heat your curler, your hair strands can easily change the shape but don’t just let it go at the moment. Allow some time for the curls to cool down. This way your cuticles gets accustomed to the shape and stay close thus lasts longer. So remember more the cool period, better is the curls.

  1. Switch to right products: Have you ever thought that your styling products can be one of the reasons your curls doesn’t stay intake for longer. Well make sure that you invest in the right product. Bets styling products can help your curls stay in shape for longer.
  2. Invest in good curlers: Instead of thinking bad about hair type, have a look at your curl iron rod. Maybe it is not getting your curls stay as they are. Investing in good one scan is expensive but they cause less damage to your hair and improve the curl texture and longevity.
  3. Get the right barrel size: Getting the right barrel size can help you get the best of the curls. You may have the impression that bigger the barrel size better will be your curls. Sometimes, the opposite does the wonder. Just try up the smaller barrel size and see the magic it does to your curls. You can differentiate the sizes at